Thursday, November 1, 2012

Welcome to Dubba-Yuhs!

This is what Dubba-Yuhs is all about.
Creative Writing.

Dubba-Yuhs will be a forum for people to express their creativity through words in a quick, easy, fun, and collaborative form. It was all inspired by one adolescent memory that I still carry with me, centered on the joy of creativity.

It was a normal Freshman year English class creative writing assignment. However, the result was far from normal. We were asked to simply partner up and write a short story. I naturally partnered up with someone I had known through advanced art classes throughout the years. The usual, or normal, method of going about this assignment seemed to be to sit and collaboratively plan the story line before writing. We chose to go another route. We simply alternated writing lines. This caused the story to take some pretty dramatic twists and turns. It may not have been worthy of any writing awards, but it was most definitely the most interesting story presented by that class. Most importantly, we were the only ones to have genuine fun at writing our collaborative story. It allowed us both to let our independent creative natures to shine, without being compromised.

I intend to recreate this via Dubba-Yuhs. It is my vision to see collaborative stories assembled, one "tweet-sized" line at a time. The stories resulting may not be catching the eye of the creative writing community-at-large, but the most important thing is that the writers will get to express themselves in a fun and social way. The results will be interesting, funny, or dramatic. It all depends on you!

I like to keep things simple, so I will have very few rules, but I feel some rules are necessary to be sure that my creative vision never turns into something ugly, hateful, or hurtful. The only time that I will apply any form of editing to the creative writing that results from this project will be when one of these rules are broken.

1. Absolutely no hateful language. This can be anything that could be viewed as alienating a certain group of people- homophobic, racist, sexist or otherwise promoting negative stigmas.

2. No politics or religion! I don't want your political or spiritual views portrayed through this forum in any way. Everyone has their right to their beliefs, and there are appropriate places to express them. But this isn't one of those places.

3. Respect each other. I don't want to see any negativity expressed toward one another through story lines.

To start the writing fun, follow @DubbaYuhs on Twitter or just go to #DubbaYuhs!

Thank you and enjoy!


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